HVBA in game!


Started all over again :)

The reason is simple, I feel, that now I will be able to make and finish this small program. I learn perhaps enough about the API, and the Haiku programming technics. Lets see.

The newly created GUI:

Getting familiar with the Haiku API

Well, not yet, but on the way… :)

Different views, alignment, and finally the resizable window draws correctly everything.

HVBA – Haiku version

I am toying with Haiku OS Alpha (and the nightly builds also) recently, and got the idea to port KVBA to Haiku.

Well, at least trying to, as I need to get familiar with the Haiku (Be) API first.

After some days, I made some progress, and a pre-alpha is almost ready. :)

Haiku's VisualBoyAdvance


I have to admit, that I don’t progress as fast as I thought (due to the unfamiliar API), but lets hope that soon I will be able to release a binary, which will be able to launch games.

TODO for version 0.1

– basic gui elements (no tabs yet)

– list game roms in fixed directory

– manage start and stop game roms

PLANED for version 0.2

– full gui implementation (tabs)

– change directories (roms, binary, etc)

PLANED for version 0.3

– save and load configurations

– default config

Working on the KVBA again?

I definitely hope so… since the long silence I got a shinny new EeePC 901 and it is even more suitable for development on the road… but… it is still not possible to install KDevelop on the EeePC default OS… grrr… lots of posting on the eeeuser.com forum, but no success stories…

Just a teaser

…for the coming EeePC edition:


Little changes for 0.3.2

Just browsing the code through… it is very messy… :) got a nice new header picture from a friend, so decided to make some minor cosmetics changes to the gui…

Have a look at the screenies:

0.3.2 - 1

And the About page:

0.3.2 - 2

Only text changes really… but…Now I decided to make a new release specifically for the EeePC. The reason is simple. It needs to have a full screen mode in order to play nicely… :)

So stay tuned…

KVisualBoyAdvance on the EeePC

Since I own a nice EeePC, I decided to try the old source (0.3.1) to get compiled on that machine… it was not an easy thask because the little machine does not come neither preinstalled development tools, nor a repository for KDE development files. But it was not a mission impossible…

so here is an obligatory screenshot:


More information and hopefully a precompiled binary will come soon…

Alive and kicking!

I decided to start again the active development of KVisualBoyAdvance, the KDE front-end I wrote for VisualBoyAdvance. This is a little graphical utility, which helps you to play Game Boy Advance games roms in GNU/Linux.

The development originally was made in Xandros Linux 2.0, but now I will do it on Kubuntu Linux. Not a dramatical change, because both use KDE, so the program source code should compile without any problem.

I stopped the development in 2004, and the version was 0.3.1

The source code is still available for download from Softpedia, so do try it out.

It was funny to see, that my little program received Softpedia Pick… :)

Softpedia Pick

I could not resist to make a screenshot…

SP Pick Screenshot

Anyway… until I again release a new code please do try it and enjoy…